Mom is awesome. She is extremely bright, but silly at the same time. She is dedicated and hard working, but will sleep the entire weekend away given the opportunity. She is just as at ease coding HTML and MySQL as she is fiddling with RS Creative Solutions and Sheep2Skein Yarn Shop. Plus she bakes. And cooks.


Mom is 39 and is suuuuuuper busy. These days, she has 2 paying jobs with 90 minute commute, volunteers as the Corresponding Secretary and the Communications Chair for the South Florida Foster & Adoptive Association, is a freelance web & graphic designer and is a grad student with her 2nd Masters degree.

Did we mention that Mom and Dad plan on adopting? So add a child into that mix as well.

Around here, we wonder when she has time to sleep! She isn’t so much as addicted to coffee as needing it to function.