Welcome to our family website!

Right now our family has just 2 human members – Becca and Steve aka Mom and Dad. We have a small dog, Lola, and a large cat, Phoenix. We look forward to expanding our family with a child or 2 via adoption. Not ever parenting together, we want to get a good grasp on parenting before bringing a sibling for our child into our home.

This website will be a photo documentary of our lives, family vacations, milestone events, and much more for the purposes of sharing with our non-local friends and family. We met while living in North Carolina and currently reside in Miami. Our family and friends are spread far and wide across the globe.

Becca currently keeps a blog in which she chronicles everything since it’s inception in 2009. And we do mean everything from our meeting, wedding, and now adoption journey.

But, who are we really?

We are both creative, educated, loving geeks ready and waiting to welcome a child into our family. We cannot wait to share with him or her the things we love. We attend comic book/ sci-fi conventions twice a year and hope our child will enjoy this as well – or at least not be embarrassed by us. We are both artists – Steve works with pen/pencil, paper and clay while Becca focuses on digital design, knitting and other crafts. We enjoy movies, cooking, baking, and spending time together.